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Spooky Graveyard Cake - AKA Dirt Cake

Dirt Cake is a great no bake dessert to make for the Halloween season. It is perfect for Halloween parties at school or at home. Making this Spooky Graveyard Cake will make your little monsters so happy!

Dirt Cake


Standard package of Oreos

1 8oz package of cream cheese

2 3.4oz box vanilla pudding

3 cups milk

1 stick unsalted butter

1 cup sugar

1 8oz container of cool whip


1. Crush cookies and save for step 5

2. In med bowl, mix butter, cream cheese, and sugar.

3. In large bowl, mix milk, pudding, cool whip, and vanilla.

4. Add mixtures together until smooth and well combined.

5. Place half of the cookie crumbs in the bottom of a 9 x 13 dish.

6. Spread the mixture evenly over the crumbs.

7. Spread the rest of the cookie crumbs on top.

For a video tutorial visit my YouTube channel

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