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English Muffins

Who doesn't love English Muffins with all their nooks and crannies to spread butter and jam into. They make the perfect breakfast bread and can be eaten so many ways. From breakfast sandwiches to pizza they are just a delicious and versatile bread.

English Muffins


1 tsp active yeast

1 Tbsp sugar

1 1/2 cups warm water

2 3/4 cups flour, (and additional flour for kneading)

1 tsp salt

2 Tbsp melted butter

cornmeal for coating muffins


In a large bowl combine yeast, sugar, and warm water. Let sit for 5 minutes, until yeast is activated and mixture is foamy. Add flour, salt, and melted butter. Mix until dough forms. Dough will be slightly wet and sticky. Sprinkle additional flour onto counter and dump dough onto flour. Knead dough until smooth. Place dough in a clean and greased bowl, cover, and allow to rise for one hour or until dough has doubled in size. After dough has risen, punch down the dough and divide into 10 pieces. Roll each piece into round balls. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and sprinkle cornmeal over the paper. Place each dough ball onto the tray, rolling ball in cornmeal to make sure both sides of dough balls are coated. Cover and let rise for 20 minutes. Then place dough balls in a large non-stick skillet, about 4 at a time. Cover and cook on a low heat for about 8 to 9 minutes. Flip and cook for 5 minutes on other side. Remove from skillet, cool, and enjoy.

For a video tutorial visit my YouTube channel.

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